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Recently my property sold by the local estate agent, bought for leaving me, my dick rule my head, our local agent, a small team was looking for the best older woman decided to run I've ever seen, every day I would go to the office, just to see if I could take a look at her when I worked there, would not be able to be tough to last! She was a true wonder ! thin, tall and blond, wearing expensive, competent, made with thick red mainicured cock sucking juicy lips and long red nails. I waited until they were on their own seemed to be sitting a his desk and went, the air was filled with expensive perfume wearing a business suit, cut at the waist and a cream-colored blouse, which have little to bring Oulins prevent her nipples, which through the thin fabric. His mouth was dry and I swallowed before I showed up as a client propsective, I was offered a place on the street and even smiled exposing perfect teeth that seemed to make his mouth look even hotter, who introduced herself as Karen, when asked what they could do for me, I must have seemed nervous when I was offered a drink of water. My penis was playing tent poles, and was a point of this, he noticed my hard, and it was so damn obvious! returned to his chair with a drink and one for her, was very aware of her sexual alotporn presence and began the talk, all I could do, was sitting cross-legged sitting and smiling, he drank from his glass and left a large wet mark red tones make on the edge of your desk alotporn then produced a small mirror alotporn and lipstick silver box, which professionally reaplied his lips until he almost fell in bright red, stood up and walked to the door, locked it and pulled the blinds. Now, he said, lets get one thing clear, you're the man I alotporn see most of the morning I looked out the window, I enjoyed listening, and when I go to get your business, I'll let go, I enjoy again, back to myHand up her skirt and wearing tight black lace stockings and tight red panties that clearly showed a large drain damp patch development, from me, said I have no command prompt, I went to her pussy and felt the same expensive perfume led him to one side and put a tight shaved pussy, alotporn with loss comes before her, I licked and she moaned loudly, quickly led me to a peak load and found to be a real oil well , they will come was difficult to keep up, alotporn but he knew so well. She was very in control, and said that the depth of penetration that does not happen, but today they 'd be sucking the end, to be honest I was this hope, in all cases, kneeling in front of me opened their mouths and swallow my cock sucking on a long, wet, her lipstick was all over my shaft and went to fuck her face, Christ, who could suck cock, so only a few minutes before I announced it was going to shoot my load , hit the first sprint them also in the back of his neck, theSecond in the face and the third cow dirty mouth wide open now, a big glob ran down between her breasts in her bra, she made ​​them with long fingernails red and sucks on fingers. Not alotporn much was actually said, he disappeared, to clean and reapeared as if butter would not melt. Then I left the office and was able to get home, I rang the front door and the phone was explained in detail how geat this afternoon after work I returned to the office to inform them of their reception was cycle! Well, that 's another story! Peter.
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